US and allies discussing deploying more troops to Eastern Europe prior to any Russian invasion of Ukraine

The end of the world order as we know it

Hear Ukrainian FM's message to Putin

US Navy wants to get crashed stealth fighter back -- before China can

Covid-19 infection before or after vaccination may lead to stronger immune responses, new study suggests

Publish Sue Gray's No 10 parties report in full, Starmer urges PM

Boris Johnson authorised Afghan animal evacuation, leaked email suggests

Sainsbury's and John Lewis asks shoppers and staff to keep wearing masks

Koshka Duff: Professor says she faced victim blaming over police claim

Ukraine: US could sanction Putin personally if Russia invades, Biden says

Physicists Created Bubbles That Can Last for Over a Year

How to Travel Solo During the Pandemic

Guardians of the Galaxy Made Me Love Linear Games

Latino Founders Have a Hard Time Raising Money From VCs

18 Face Masks We Actually Like to Wear

As China faces plummeting birth rates, businesses are told to step up as "department heads should take the lead in having more babies," although honestly I've had a boss fired for doing that at work with the receptionist in the IT closet [Interesting]

If you want to understand America, you have to understand the South. So grab a gun, burn a cross, and start sweet-talking your sister -- we got us some learnin' to do [Murica]

US Navy scrambling to pick up F-35 from the bottom of the ocean before China can get to it - but wouldn't it have been easier to just leave it on the ship? [Followup]

Don't panic, but there could be an extraterrestrial running around South Africa manipulating the human race. Could [Strange]

Protip: Never use your work computer to plan a coup [Dumbass]

Minimalism is bullshiat, Marie Kondo is an asshat, and her acolytes are brainwashed morons. So anyway, how's your morning going? [Obvious]

♬ Walla Walla boom. Tell me more, tell me more about the runaway rail car. Tell me more, tell me more, did it get very far? [Strange]

'Snake burglar' slithers back into another LA business. Snake whisperer, turd burglar remain at large, plan to form creepy voltron [Creepy]

Anything's a Sea Pickle if you're brave enough [Creepy]

You know when you were a toddler they told you to check for monsters under your bed before you go to sleep? Well this being Australia, you need to check for 6-foot-long slithering lengths of NOPE [Scary]

North Korea warns of 'abyss of doom' if 'old lunatic' Trump remains president

Brazile says CNN€™s Tapper betrayed her after debate flap

Nasty notes that spurred Air Force general€™s lecture written by ‘victim’

Woman killed €˜sugar daddy’ when relationship soured: prosecutors

Exclusive: Undercover teams record grisly remote Faroe Islands whale slaughter


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