Once highly professional mercenaries, the notorious Wagner group is buckling in Ukraine

'We have to stop lying': Russian lawmaker urges senior officials to tell the truth about Putin's war

New social media video shows Russian recruits sleeping on yoga mats

Dozens of children among at least 36 people killed in Thailand day care center massacre

Biden offers stark 'Armageddon' warning on the dangers of Putin's nuclear threats

Thailand attack: Country mourns after 37 killed, mostly children

Ukraine war: Biden says nuclear risk highest since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Social care: 'Jo's care will cost £1.5k a week - the system is broken'

Elton John and Prince Harry sue Daily Mail publisher over 'privacy breach'

Truss declares Macron a friend as pair forge working relationship

Super Mario Sounds Exactly Like Chris Pratt—and That’s Fine

13 Best Target Deal Days Sales (2022): Dyson, Apple, and More

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro (2022): Features, Price, Release Date

Google Catches Up to Apple and Samsung in the Hardware Race

Google Pixel Watch (2022): Features, Price, Release Date

Ohio pulls ahead in its bid to become Florida of the North with a bill that allows vets to teach without a license. On the plus side, combat training might do more to let Ohio students survive school shootings than anything else Ohio has done [Dumbass]

If your "financial advisor" suddenly suggests you take out a large life insurance policy payable to investment accounts you let him control? Yeah, maybe don't do that [Obvious]

That ranch in Wyoming for "troubled youth" that was abusing them with forced labor? Yeah, it just suddenly closed after attention was drawn to it in a NBC News investigation [Followup]

Reminder: Donation boxes are not for donating people [Sad]

Nailed it [Strange]

Long-time educator arrested for doing after-work field research [Creepy]

If you don't like the way the police drive, stay off the sidewalks [Scary]

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are great for getting rid of dirt, stains, and George Washington [Strange]

Worker claims school district only promotes workers with Italian last names. You gotta problem wid dat? [Interesting]

Time to channel your inner Robert Graysmith and sleuth out the latest serial killer terrorizing the outskirts of Sacramento [Followup]

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Whanganui man jailed for Christmas Day stabbing in Hamilton

West Auckland identity Andre Wickliffe dies after intervening in fight between two women

'Seriously cool': Vision impaired volunteer shares inspiring Rugby World Cup journey

Exhausted Mount Holdsworth tramper rescued after using toilet paper for 'help' sign

23-year-old arrested after early-morning Wellington stabbing left man seriously injured