After the hugs and kisses, Macron rips Trumpism

World's longest nonstop flight coming soon

Lessons for dealing with North Korea lie in past summits

Trump's ambassador switch risks estranging Australia and angering China

Japan objects to mango mousse South Korea is serving Kim

Companies sign up to pledge to cut plastic pollution

Kim Jong-un to meet Moon Jae-in at Korean border for summit

NHS needs '£50bn extra by 2030'

Home Office had migrant removal targets, report shows

Meet people who review Facebook's reported content

Why Facebook's Troubles Haven't Dented Its Profits

BMW's New Electric iX3 SUV Looks Shockingly Normal

The Lab Making Robots Walk Through Fire and Ride Segways

Facebook's Targeted Ads Are More Complex Than It Lets On

Google Tasks: Hands On With Google's New To-Do List App

Paperboy stabbed multiple times, keeps biking his route. Subby doesn't remember that difficulty setting [Scary]

Theme of Farktography Contest No. 677: "Happy Little Accidents". Details and rules in first post. LGT next week's theme [Farktography]

Naked. Moaning. Florida man. Sex toy. Bodily secretions. That's a BINGO [Florida]

A total of four barrels containing radioactive sludge at a nuclear site were found to have ruptured, according to spokesman Simpson. SIMPSON? [Scary]

Ain't no party like a keister-stashed drug jail party, cause the party don't stop until 4 inmates are hospitalized [Dumbass]

Can sitting in a lawn chair be illegal? Apparently yes, when it's used as a driver's seat in your pickup truck [Dumbass]

Today's lesson in the new new new common core math: Babies-R-Us + voodoo + evils spirits + box cutter = Florida [Florida]

Fark NotNewsletter: Fark just leveled up! [FarkBlog]

Photoshop this mud bath [Photoshop]

One... two... three... four... FiF [News]

North Korea warns of 'abyss of doom' if 'old lunatic' Trump remains president

Brazile says CNN€™s Tapper betrayed her after debate flap

Nasty notes that spurred Air Force general€™s lecture written by ‘victim’

Woman killed €˜sugar daddy’ when relationship soured: prosecutors

Exclusive: Undercover teams record grisly remote Faroe Islands whale slaughter


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Knifepoint robbery of Northland tavern

Shane Jones to take public service appointment idea to Chris Hipkins

Police search turns to weapons in James Butler homicide investigation

Fans remember stuntman Johnny Danger with Paper Moon drive-by

Wellington school to completely drop NCEA in favour of Cambridge exams