Xi tightens grip as China prepares to drop presidential term limits

North Korea willing to talk to US, South Korea says

Ivanka Trump watches on as Winter Olympics draw to close

Norway's 'Iron Lady' wins eighth gold medal

Russians win ice hockey gold -- then controversially sing Russian national anthem

Labour wants new customs union treaty after Brexit - Starmer

North Korea willing to hold talks with US, says South Korea

Sridevi: Bollywood superstar dies at 54 of heart attack

Hare coursing: Lincolnshire Police's fight with blood sport

Cartoonist Matt 'turning into own character'

How Fast Can a Tiny Van Go in *Ant-Man and the Wasp*?

Rants and Raves: Strap On a Pair of Roller Skates and Wheel Away Your Worries

Peter Thiel Is a Flawed Messenger With a Crucial Message for Tech

How Cells Pack Tangled DNA Into Neat Chromosomes

How BitTorrent Spurred the Streaming Revolution

Attention all parents: No matter how much you yearn it to be, there is no deep, hidden, sacred message of life embedded within your child's crayon artwork [Obvious]

British etiquette expert discusses how your dog reveals your social class to others. Corgi? Yes, you know Liz personally. Yorkie? Oooh, so you're New Money (cough) [Silly]

Nurses increasingly complain about the bedside manner of male patients [Creepy]

Corporations start dropping support for the NRA and you too can do your part to help: Tell Amazon, Roku, Apple, and Google to dump the NRA TV channel [Followup]

"Wow, that's weird" is not what you usually want to hear from an FAA official [Strange]

When you do a science project testing your own blood and find out your father isn't your father [Awkward]

Meanwhile, the State of Washington is required by law to auction or trade firearms seized by State Police, including semi-automatic rifles [Facepalm]

The decomposed body of a woman was found three years after she was supposed to be cremated [Sick]

So...remember that guy who cut his AR-15 in half on YouTube? Yeah, it looks like he may have done that illegally [Followup]

Hot cross buns could be about to soar in price due to shortage of key ingredient. EVERYBODY PANIC [Silly]

North Korea warns of 'abyss of doom' if 'old lunatic' Trump remains president

Brazile says CNN€™s Tapper betrayed her after debate flap

Nasty notes that spurred Air Force general€™s lecture written by ‘victim’

Woman killed €˜sugar daddy’ when relationship soured: prosecutors

Exclusive: Undercover teams record grisly remote Faroe Islands whale slaughter


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Trampers rescued from Makarora River in Otago after bungled river crossing

Nine admitted to Christchurch Hospital in two days after taking dodgy ecstasy

Fire and ambulance units at Rocket Lab near Auckland Airport

Hundreds of tourists trapped in Fiordland following heavy rain

The cost of the Christchurch earthquakes